About Ananda Dharma Yoga

We are “Dharma Warriors” or those who stand for the true path of Yoga. At Ananda, we introduce our students to the authentic teachings of Yoga by providing them with an understanding and overview of a practice that promotes balance and connectedness with the highest state of the being (or Ananda). Our goal is to assist students with obtaining and maintaining this balance and awareness in their daily lives. Our style of teaching is Vajra Dharma. In this style of Yoga, we incorporate the four paths of Yoga: Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Karma Yoga.

Our teaching method is based on Advaita Vedanta ~the practice that leads us to liberation through the acquisition of Vidya(knowledge) of the identity of Atman and Brahman. It emphasizes Jivanmukta, the idea that moksha (freedom, liberation) is achievable in this life. Through Yoga sutra education, pranayama, asana and meditation, our students are immersed in the comprehensive path of Yoga.