Vedic Counseling

Metaphysical/Vedic Counseling

Metaphysical/Vedic Counseling is an intensive counseling session in which the practitioner assists clients with accessing information that is blocking them from aligning with their optimal energetic state of wellness or Ananda. Here, we assist clients with getting to the root or energetic cause of illnesses or difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. These issues can range from physical ailments to emotional/psychological disorders.

In this session, the practitioner offers the client insight into behaviors, patterns, beliefs, and habits that are inhibiting him/her from obtaining optimal health. This information is gathered by compiling the client’s initial consultation data, personal energy imprint and the practitioner’s evaluation/reading of the client’s personal energy field and chakras.Our counselor uses treatment modalities rooted in Applied Science, Metaphysical Science, and Yogic/Vedic Philosophy.

Our Practitioner holds her PhD. in Metaphysical Counseling and Master’s degree in Social Ecology. Additionally, she is a licensed RN, E-RYT 200, Reiki Master and certified Hypnotherapist.